Welcome to Rebreathering

This is a site about how to breathe, and breathe again.

About Rebreathers

A UBA (Underwater Breathing Apparatus) That lets you do constant partial pressure blending of oxygen. This allows for incredible bottom times that exceed multihour. Side effect you can die.

Features of Rebreathering

Are you Crazy?

No, in one word. I am not crazy, diving with sharks in cages is crazy. Diving with sharks that have been baited is crazy. Yet people eat that shit up like its click bait. In fact the truth is opposite, when you know what causes you to die. You then can take actions to stop your own death. Reading the fatality incidents is one way to start. Reading how everyone died, that will go a long way to understanding.

What Other Actions?

Well it is very complicated. There will be a video series that follows how I maintain, clean, rebuild, prepare gasses, prepare for dive, get to dive, dive itself, the post dive process.

Why Rebreathering is Wonderful

I get to see everything, as the ocean intended here is some photos

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